Thursday, December 7, 2017

Christmas Boxy Bag Assembly Warehouse part deux :D

I just uploaded a post with pictures of 10 boxy bags that I've made for a Christmas donation project.  The bags are being posted to Bag It for 2017 but I couldn't add any more pictures, so I'm continuing the post here, as part deux :D

Here's the 10 pack of donation bags I posted a minute ago - I wanted a compilation picture for Bag It for clarity's sake :D

Another dinosaur boxy bag I completed (will be going to Blue Hills) :)

Another doggy boxy bag I completed - this one will be a Christmas gift for one of my aquafit teachers :)

This boxy bag is going to my sewy friend's sister for Hanukkah :)

So that is 13 bags for Bag It - you'd think I'd notice a reduction in stash (fabric, or zipper) but I do NOT!  I think if I had done 2 more bags, the reduction would have been very noticeable.  NOT!  :)  Patty - here you go, lol!

Christmas Boxy Bag Assembly Warehouse

In mid-November I decided I was going to do a project for a women's shelter in Toronto that I send sewn items to.  I thought I would do a bag for some members of my family, and donate them to the shelter in honour of those members :D  If I had thought of it earlier I could have done more members, but I did get 10 bags done so that's pretty good :)  They're all the same size - they finish to about 9" wide X 4" tall X 3.5" deep (quilted fabric is cut to 14"w x 16"t, and 1 3/4" boxes are cut from the seam allowance).  Presenting, in no particular order, The Ten Bags of Christmas :)

The Chris - in honour of my youngest son, the car guy :D

The Crazy Cat Lady - in honour of my oldest son Nick :D

The Graci - in honour of my brother/SIL's sweet golden Graci :)

The Heather - in honour of Graci's mom, my SIL, in memory of The Mouse of Thanksgiving 2017 :D  (this mouse actually crawled up my pants leg - we were SCREAMING with laughter trying to catch that errant little intruder without hurting it!)

The Jennifer - in honour of a niece who loves the kitties as much as I do :)

The Lleyton, in honour of a sweet great nephew :)

The Nash - in honour of another sweet great nephew :)

The Sandra - named after yours truly, and made with a remnant of fabric that I've been saving for just the right occasion because it's so pretty :)

The Sherry - in honour of my MUCH OLDER SISTER (!!!) who LOVES (hates!) flamingos :)  As the YOUNGER sister, it's my duty to annoy and bedevil my lovely sister wherever possible, which is why I chose the 'mingo :D

The Stacie - in honour of my niece who is big-time into cross-fit - I couldn't find exercise fabric, so I picked strawberries as an appropriate healthy fare for someone is is big on fitness :)

These bags will be entered into Patty's Bag It for 2017 - I have a picture of all 10 bags together but I can't add any more pictures to this post, so I'll post it separately, along with a couple more boxy bag finishes - I've been on a boxy bag roll :D 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Finally - a New to Me project :D

I try to participate in Fiona's monthly New to Me linky party, but haven't had a new to me item in months - until today!  As soon as I saw this bag posted at the designer's site, I knew it was a Must Do, and today I Must Did :)  I actually cut out 3 of them using 3 prints in the same line of fabric, so I'll end up with 3 bags, each a bit different.  For today, though, I'm happy to have the first one ready to post to November's New to Me - Fiona I finally made it to your party - where do I leave my coat, and where are the snackies??!!  ;)

 Presenting ... Tiny Bag #1, designed by Caroline at :)  It's a quick project, and very small.  I generally use WOWFIHOTSMAAGT (width of whatever foot I have on the sewing machine at any given time) for  a seam allowance, so my bag may be a bit smaller than the original.  Mine measures about 8" wide x 4.5" tall x 3.5" wide :)  Aren't the straps adorable?  Tutorial is here :)

 Here's a side view showing that the boxed corners and the side of the front pocket.  There's a pocket inside as well :)

Not surprisingly, I have pirate charms for the zipper pull - I bought them on Ebay a while ago to use on these pirate prints.  I still have more bags kitted ready to sew, and each of them will have a pirate zipper pull because that's how I rock :D 

Since I had time to myself today I got cracking on a Christmas gift - this wallet is part of the gift.  I've made several of these for gifts and to donate to the counselling center - the pattern is quick to make up, and very practical, with lots of pockets (including a zippered pocket - very important for holding coins!).  Tutorial is here :)

Here's the inside of the wallet - zippered pocket on the left, credit card pockets on the right, slidey-in pockets behind the actual pockets and a money pocket behind all of those pockets - lots of storage ;) 

I didn't have a small train charm for the zipper pull, so I used a gear charm :D  It's nice and flat so it sits well in the wallet :)

A few days ago I whipped up a couple of Magic Pouches to finish off some fabric remnants (the pink bags).

Today I finished up the last one I had kitted - the blue/purple bird print.  3 Magic Pouches to add to my completed list, and all of them are going to the counselling center.  Bonus for me, the Tiny Bag and the 3 Magic Pouches all qualify for Patty's Bag It, and I'm headed over there in a minute to upload a picture :D  Turn on the porchlight, Patty - I'm headed your way!  ;)

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

'tis the season ... part 2 :D

Well - I got laundry sorted and started, unloaded the dishwasher, made a pan of gingerbread cookie squares, made a pan of simple scalloped potatoes to go in the oven soon, texted back and forth with my SIL, and did some tidying.  What I thought could be done in an hour, took me twice that long, lol.  It doesn't often happen that things get done faster than expected - they tend to take longer!  And life goes on, and we're having scalloped potatoes for supper tonight so YUM :)

Here's the other set of bags I recently completed - these ones too, are from fabric from a friend, but these were quicky projects without a lot of extra bling - I just wanted to get them finished and sent to the counselling center.

Two floral zipper pouches :)

Close-up of the embellishment and zipper pull on bag #1 ... buttons from stash on the contrast band, and a bronze flower for the pull :)  It's quilted with soft golden yellow embroidery thread :D

The second bag is quilted with the same embroidery thread, and embellished with a fabric yoyo and button, and a little birdy zipper pull :)

Bags 3 and 4 are small pouches sized to use up the last bits of the floral fabric.

These ones are embellished with a heart and a flower zipper pull :)

Done and done - a bit of fabric and zipper stash used, 4 more bags done for the counselling center, and 4 more bags that qualify for Patty's Bag It for 2017 :)  Oh yes - and did I mention - scalloped potatoes for supper tonight - LOL!!  (No wonder I'm not skinny - I'm literally sitting here thinking about those cheesey oniony potatoes!)

'tis the season ...

... to be sewing!  And I have been doing so, between appointments and outings and visits from our boys and aquafit :)  Speaking of visits, I had to tear up the stairs to answer the doorbell just now - in time for the lovely UPS delivery man to hand me off a package - I didn't open it yet but judging by the weight of the box, it's my vitamins from Costco, haha.  There's another parcel coming from them as well, but I think it was coming from a far off distribution center (Calgary, I believe) so it'll take an extra day or two.  Are these cute or what?!! BTW - does it make your day when the delivery man is friendly and has a smile on his face?  It makes mine for sure :)

And back to our post in progress ... aka our irregularly scheduled post :D  Here are some of the bags I've finished lately - as per usual, I notice no dent in fabric or zipper stash - c'est la vie ;)  These 2 are going to the counselling center :)

Floral zipper bags from some scraps a friend gave me a LONG time ago :D

One of the bags is embellished with buttons - can you see all 7 of them? :)

The 2nd bag is embellished with beads and a button.  Most of the beads are a bit bigger than seed beads and I couldn't get a good close-up of them, but there are 7 beads and a button blinging this bag :D

Acrylic teardrop charm for one zipper pull ...

... and a (faux) (and large!  1 1/2" in diameter!  I even remember where I got it - on clearance at a Joanns near Bradenton, FLA several years ago, while shopping with my SIL :D) Mother of Pearl charm :)

The reverse of the bags, showing the cotton labels I added :)

Handmade #1 ...

... and Handmade #2 :)

Blogger won't let me add any more pictures to this post, so I'll do a 2nd one (in a little bit - I need to get supper and laundry underway first) to satisfy their whims ;)  These 2 bags are being posted to Elm Street Quilts Bag It for 2017 - hi Patty! 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Floral and teacups fabric = no more :D

I've used up the last of the pretty floral and teacups fabrics that my friends Mickie and Carol gifted to me when I visited them in August :)  These 3 bags qualify for Bag It 2017 - hi Patty! :)

I ended up making 10 bags with this collection of prints, and all of them are going to the counselling center.  Mickie, Carol - thank you, and I hope you like how your gift ended up :D 

More stash sewing - I used up these 2m cuts of fabric for a set of pillowcases for the counselling center :)  I have more fabric picked out for stash busting pillowcase creating purposes ... as well, and also along the lines of stash sewing, I'm working on a Christmas gift project that should use up a few meters of stash.   It involves zippers.  SURPRISE!  :D  Details to follow at a time and place TBD ;)  So far, flamingos and dinosaurs and doggos* and sharks are involved ... and I think some mice will be joining in for fun :D

*BTW - speaking of doggos, have you seen the We Rate Dogs site on Twitter?  I don't Twitter but I get occasional updates about funny posts, so I hop over to check things out.  This compilation arrived this morning and made me laugh ... the Iraqi Speed Kangaroo is particularly funny :D  If you have a few spare minutes and could use a laugh, check it out (NAYY) :)

Monday, November 6, 2017

7 of 20 denims - I had some fun :D

Another pair of kids jeans has now been turned into zipper bags ... all of these will be going to Blue Hills :)  They also count as a 6 pack for Patty's Bag It 2017 :)  I used labels, tags, waistband elastic and pockets from this pair, along with bits and pieces that didn't get used up with previous pairs - I keep everything in a shoe box so I don't misplace or mix anything up :D

Zippy embellished with ribbon, a 3D button, a crab charm (LOL) and several jeans tags :D 

 I embellished this one with blue ribbon, a pocket (you can see on the front and back where the pocket had been paintstakingly removed for reuse :D), a mermaid charm and a size tag.  This zipper pouch is a size 14 - HA!

I've been working with fabrics that had been gifted to me by my friends Mickie and Carol during a visit to Pennsylvania this summer.  The teacup applique was a scrap in a collection of floral/teacup prints.  I embellished it with an Old Navy jeans tag, a pocket, and a bird zipper pull :D

More fabric from Mickie & Carol!  I embellished this pouch with a sweet purple floral strip, some buttons, an acrylic bead zipper pull and a little cotton tag :)

The roses and teacup charm appliqued on this pouch was from Mickie and Carol :)  I also added a mouse zipper pull and several tags - the Smile one is a direct order for the recipient to smile about the tag above it :D

Bicycle pouch!  I quilted this one with variegated fabric, added a Smile tag and a bicycle zipper pull :)
I still have 13 pairs of jeans to work through - they're currently stuffed in a plastic shopping bin that's under the table I'm typing at - I'm kicking it with my slippered foot right now because it's in my way :D 

Current count of completions from the jeans:  8 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 7 + 6 + 6 = 45 :)
Updated Bag It 2017 count = 33! 

Bags, but not Bag It bags. Oh - and other things :)

Lost in the depths of the interwebs - these are finishes from the summer - August and September.  Some of them may have been finished within the Bag It 2017 timeframe, but I didn't keep track of the dates so I'm not going to enter any of them.  Better safe (and following rules) than sorry (and cheating!) :)  The bags did have happy endings though - most were donated, and the ones that weren't donated, were gifted :)

Some more of my Magic Pouches - the skeletons, flamingoes and one of the race car bags are being donated to Blue Hills ... the bird bag and one of the car bags are gifts :)

Pirate pillowcases (were donated)

Pirate zipper pouches (were donated)
Hehehe a close-up of the skull zipper charm I used for these pirate pouches :D

Two Magic Pouches - frogs (the fabric is quite stunning in person - really rich looking) and the last racecars pouch I finished from the fat quarters from Sew Sisters.  These were all donated :)

Boxy bag and Art Case (donated)
The art case was inspired by one I saw online (I don't even remember where) - I modified it to work with school suplies (pencil crayons etc.).   It has 4 pockets (3 regular, and one zippered) and was shipped off to Blue Hills where I hope it was gifted after someone tucks some art supplies inside :)  I bought some during the back to school sales but I ended up giving them to some sweetie neighbour kiddos and all I have left is crayons, lol.

A bloggy buddy gave me a bag of scraps - I'm embarrassed to say that it had to have been several years ago - maybe 3 or 4?  I finally dug the bag out and used everything up (except for a few tiny pieces, which then went into my scrap bins).  Here we have a regular zippy bag, a Bella clutch (top right - my first one!), and a humbug/triangle type bag (front).  
More scrappy bags - a regular zippy and a flex frame bag :)  It really shouldn't take years to finish up fabric that was gifted - I did have good intentions, but my execution was pretty slow!


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